LaVoixski is a digital musical instrument based on the traditional electronic musical instrument named “Theremin”.

The system is programed by Arduino and is running on the Micro Controller Unit Teensy3.6.

The software has 5 wavetable oscillators and acts like the real oscillators. There are up to 17 wavetables are available. The wavetables are contained as the text file in the microSD card. The user can modify them by using the math tool like “GNU Octave”.

The pitch and the volume values are sensed from the real RF oscillators by “Flexible Timer” input on the Micro Controller. The detected values manipulate the wavetable oscillators and the waveform envelope generators.

LaVoixski has 2 playback modes .

In the first mode named additive synthesis, the oscillators are driven by the same pitch. User can select the sine/cosine fandamental and harmonic waves for editing the total waveform output.

In the second mode named polyphonic output, the oscillators are driven by the different pitches. The user can select the pitch combinations from the preset or edit the microtonal pitches in pitch edit mode. The user can also select the different wavetables for each oscillators.

The system has 2 edit modes: Pitch Edit mode and Mixed Out Edit mode.

In the Pitch Edit mode, the user can edit 4 microtonal pitches in a chord. The 16 edited pitch group is stored by CSV formated text files into the microSD card. (see the sectionEditing the Chord”)

In Mixed Out Edit mode, the user can edit the combination of the 5 wavetables with levels. The edited combinations are also stored into the microSD card. (see the sectionEditing the Mixed Out”)

The mixed audio output has 2 modes, “Normal “ and “ Transition”.

In the Transition mode, the output signal levels of each oscillators are controlled by the en velopes in the different phase. (see the section “Transition control”)

The parameter named “Output 3” selects a signal line from any oscillators for the 3rd audio output. There are 3 modes for the outputs status, Transition, Normal and Exciter.

The Exciter mode is specially developped for the Output 3. The Exciter transforms the balance of the harmonics of the input source by using the wavetable for the transformation. The level editable parameters (fundamental plus 4 harmonics) are available. (see the section “Audio Excitation”)

PitchBend and Tremolo effects are available.